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Our broadcast/podcast studio has state-of-the-art audio and video recording equipment, two sets, and a green room.

Whether you’re recording a podcast, doing a voiceover, or a live show streaming to YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch.TV — we’ve got you covered.

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Episode 32: Tiffany Talk with Willie Shaw

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Producer Dave Warner

I’ve been a lifetime photographer and filmmaker. It started at airshows, where I carried a browny camera to take aircraft pictures. Then, when I entered the Air Force, I had the luxury of a fully equipped photography lab at the base hobby shop. From there, I opened a Double Exposures studio, where I did portraits and weddings. Of course, photojournalism came along as well, and I did that for many years – winning AP and other national and international awards. I formed a company called Gothic Publishing Incorporated and published a weekly newspaper called Community Focus.

When I arrived in Upstate New York, I started a podcast called LensFlare35, a digital newspaper called Art in the Adirondacks and later My Little Falls and the Mohawk Valley Express.

I’m now the Executive Director of The Creative Outpost, Inc., a non-profit 501c3 organization focused on creative content, film, and media education. It is dedicated to teaching the art and craft of filmmaking and media development. It also focuses on establishing the Mohawk Valley as an international destination for media leadership and production. Studio 25 is one of our locations where we can make that happen.

Filmmaker, Podcaster, Photographer

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